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Gregory Lundeen, MD

Specialties: Foot & Ankle, Total Ankle Replacement, & Limb & Joint Preservation

Fellowship: Foot & Ankle Surgery

Residency: Carolinas Medical Center

Medical School: University of Utah School of Medicine

Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

Gregory Lundeen, MD

Specialties: Foot & Ankle Surgery, Total Ankle Replacement, & Limb & Joint Preservation

Fellowship: Foot & Ankle Surgery

Residency: Carolinas Medical Center

Medical School: University of Utah School of Medicine

Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Lundeen joined Reno Orthopedic Clinic in 2006, and has held the position of Vice President since 2016. He uses a team approach to provide the highest quality medical and orthopedic care, focused on working together with each patient toward the best possible outcome.

Dr. Lundeen received his medical degree from the University of Utah and completed his orthopedic residency at the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. His subspecialty training in foot and ankle surgery included fellowships in Sydney, Australia and Oakland, California. He has advanced training in total ankle joint replacement and has specialty training in limb and joint preservation for patients facing possible amputation. He is certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.

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Patient Testimonials

Simply the best!

Everyone I have had has been wonderful. I have seen Dr. Lundeen more than most and I love his demeanor and the way he cares. Simply the best!

By far one of the best

I love Dr. Lundeen. He is so sweet and cares about his patients. I have never seen a Dr. get so excited about his procedure. I almost gave up and was so frustrated with my previous surgeon. My primary doctor and friends recommended him for a second opinion and I’m glad I did. He found the issue right away with both ankles. My worst ankle has had surgery and it’s the best it has felt in years. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done so far. By far he is one of the best ankle doctors in town.

Great doctor

Dr. Lundeen is a great doctor and an amazing person. He has never given up on me and my ankle problems. One step at a time, hopefully with minimal pain. Thank you to you and your great staff. See ya soon!!!!!

Highly competent

Dr. Lundeen is a highly competent surgeon. You cannot find anyone better. Healed fast without any pain to speak of even though it was a big surgery to straighten all toes. A magician, magnificent work.

Such a pleasant experience

This man is a God! I had such a pleasant experience! I am six weeks post as of yesterday , I’m already able to put 100 percent weight baring , after screws and plates , and a horrible break in three places . My scar is light pink and will probably be way lighter in no time. I had absolutely no pain after surgery and I mean none! Amazing work! You brought me back!

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Professional Profile of Dr. Gregory Lundeen, MD

Inspired beginnings
Dr. Lundeen spent his childhood running around Southeastern Idaho. His developing aspirations eventually led him through a series of educational experiences that unfolded over more than a decade, crossing four state borders and one international border, culminating in the establishment of his current practice in Reno.


Home to practice in the West
After his fellowship training in Oakland, Dr. Lundeen accepted an invitation to join the experts at Reno Orthopedic Clinic (ROC), returning to his native western roots and making his home in Reno. He has since developed and extended his foot and ankle specialty practice in the local community, the state of Nevada, and beyond. At the epicenter of his practice expansion, in 2014 he founded the opening of The Center for Foot & Ankle within ROC, where he and his colleagues and team offer comprehensive, gold standard orthopedic care for patients with foot and ankle conditions.

An orthopedic MD is born
As described in his curriculum vitae, after graduating from high school in Idaho Falls, he left for the University of Utah in Salt Lake City where he completed an Honors Bachelor of Science (HBS) degree in Biology, followed by a Master’s degree in Public Health (MPH). During this period he found his true interest in the art and science of medicine. He spent the next four years completing his Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree at the University of Utah, which included clinical and research experience in the musculoskeletal system, meaning the bones, joints, and connecting tissues (muscles, tendons, and ligaments) of the body. This fostered what has become his lifetime passion for orthopedic surgery and caring for his patients.

Feet and ankles
Upon completion of medical school, Dr. Lundeen was accepted to his first choice in orthopedic surgery training at the Carolinas Medical Center Orthopedic Residency Program in Charlotte, NC. There he spent five years studying musculoskeletal injuries, deformities, and painful conditions, while gaining invaluable clinical and surgical knowledge, skills, and experience. The result was an extensive understanding and surgical expertise in treating and managing these conditions.

G'Day, Oakland
After completing his five-year orthopedic residency training in Charlotte, he then pursued an additional year of orthopedic clinical and surgical training specifically in the treatment of feet and ankles. This advanced training -- called a "fellowship" -- is a dedicated time that a surgeon spends learning from well-established experts in his field of interest. Dr. Lundeen actually pursued two fellowships after his residency. The first led him and his family across international waters to Sydney, Australia. Under the direction of Dr. Martin Sullivan, an internationally recognized orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Lundeen further developed his orthopedic expertise through a specialized focus on cartilage repair techniques and treatment of sports-related foot and ankle injuries. He then relocated his family to Oakland, California where he spent his second fellowship working with Dr. Roger Mann, a world-renowned orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon. Dr. Mann is considered to be “the grandfather of foot and ankle surgery” and wrote the textbook that essentially all orthopedic surgeons refer to during and after their foot and ankle training. It was during this second fellowship that Dr. Lundeen was first trained in "total ankle replacement" surgery, which restores mobility to patients with ankle arthritis.

A mature practice
In his practice, Dr. Lundeen has continued to pursue with great passion the ongoing development of clinical and surgical expertise of the same quality that motivated him during his years of medical and orthopedic educational training. He has completed advanced training in total ankle joint replacement using the Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement (STAR®) device as his implant of choice, which has over 30 years of proven reliability in treating patients with ankle arthritis. Its technical design as a “mobile bearing” device gives it the distinction of most closely matching the natural design and movement of the ankle joint, and is the only such device approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA). As of April 2016, he has performed over 300 total ankle replacement surgeries and has presented research findings at international meetings supporting good patient outcomes after total ankle surgery.

Helping others
For patients with limb-threatening conditions, Dr. Lundeen is also trained and experienced with limb preservation techniques, including use of the Illizaov (external fixator) technique for correcting severe deformities and managing severe joint arthritis. In 2014, Dr. Lundeen also played a key role in the development of the Renown Limb Preservation Service at Renown Regional Medical Center. He serves as the program’s Director and works closely with surgeons and physicians from other specialties and with wound care experts to offer the best treatment for patients with such conditions.

When feet hurt
Dr. Lundeen and his team enjoy taking care of all patient needs related to the foot and ankle. He appreciates the complexities and subtle findings in issues big and small, enabling decisive diagnostic care with the best and fastest recovery. He manages problems without surgery if possible, with a strong belief in the human body’s ability to heal itself. He and his team also implement other nonsurgical methods including casting, bracing, physical therapy, and orthotics. Surgery is only recommended if a successful nonoperative method will not suffice.

Preparing the next generation
Development of medical and orthopedic education is an important part of Dr. Lundeen’s orthopedic practice. He actively participates in mentoring medical students and residents from the University of Nevada. Continuing the legacy offered to him, in 2015 he launched the ROC Foot and Ankle Fellowship Program. In partnership with the University of California, Davis, this is a year-round fellowship offering expert surgical training for surgeons who have just completed their orthopedic residency.

Contributing to the science
Dr. Lundeen and his team are continually engaged in research projects that investigate better techniques and methods for optimizing patient care. He is also a reviewer of medical articles being considered for publication in the peer-reviewed orthopedic journals, Foot and Ankle International and Techniques in Foot and Ankle Surgery. He believes support of medical education and orthopedic research enables him and his team to provide the best care for patients, keeping The Center's foot and ankle practice in the position of offering state-of-the-art information and treatment to patients.

Practicing what you believe
Understanding the importance of keeping himself and his patients mobile and active, Dr. Lundeen enjoys mountain biking, snow skiing, running, river rafting, and many other outdoor activities. In keeping up with an active population, he has been a US Ski Team Physician Pool Member since 2007. He travels with the US Ski Team and covers World Cup ski racing events in North America and Europe. He also assists with treating foot and ankle injuries among local athletes including the Bighorns, the Aces, and local school athletic programs.

Belief in the team
Two very important components of patient care are choice and timely access. To meet varying needs, Dr. Lundeen has gathered a team that is dedicated to offering specialized care in the shortest possible time frame. As part of his care beliefs, he works closely with nurse practitioner Linda Dunaway, who has worked exclusively with him since 2009. He has also been involved with local, state, and national medical and orthopedic societies to promote the open and easily accessible health care system that our community deserves. He holds an active membership in the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) and the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS), which represents the 2,200-plus orthopedic surgeons in the world who specialize in treatment of the foot and ankle.

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Professional Profile of Dr. Gregory Lundeen, MD

Journal & Educational Publications

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Honors & Awards

  • Finalist, Roger A. Mann Clinical Research Award, AOFAS Annual Meeting (2015)
  • Finalist, Roger A. Mann Clinical Research Award, AOFAS Annual Meeting (2014)
  • NIH/NHLBI Medical Student Research Fellowship (1997)
  • Zimmer-American Orthopaedic Association Resident Travel Award (1996)
  • Howard Hughes Undergraduate Biology Research Fellowship (1994)
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Fellowship (1993-1994)


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